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Mistress Velvent





I Practice Risk Aware Consensual Kink (R.A.C.K.) –

My approach to BDSM and erotic play is rooted in research-based, ethical best practices. I pride myself in the continuous growth and improvement of my techniques.  We will discuss and reach a consensus on the things we will do prior to and during the session. My intent is for us to create a safe space together where trust is established and full focus can be given to the purpose of the session. In this environment, we can together explore the erotic aspects of Domination and submission in a very fulfilling way.


I am a Black Feminist Scholar –

I am a communist fully devoted to revolutionary theory and praxis. When you enter My world of domination, you will be educated. Your mind will be immersed in the things that I know you need to be taught.  Through the reading and examination of the Black Feminist Theory I will select for you, your intellectual and relational horizons will be broadened and you will become more of what you should always have been . . . more aware of how to use your privilege to benefit oppressed people. Reading Black Feminist Literature is a vital, focal, and integral part of my domination style.


I am a Black Liberation Practitioner –

Because of the history of oppression practiced against people of color, queer people, and the working class in general -- and through the colonization of my people by the west -- I practice and uphold Black Liberation ideologies in the strength of my ancestors. This occurs in my sessions and practice of BDSM as well.  For straight cisgender white men, I will reverse the historical roles in our sessions. You will become the white slave and I will be your Black Mistress. Come divest yourself of your white guilt and experience the therapeutic cleansing my domination style will bring to you, and in a safe space.


I do receive Reparations –

Yes, you will pay Me reparations for the white sins of the past.  These are not government-mandated reparations, of course, but the amounts I receive help introduce my subs and slaves to the reality and necessity of reparations in the culture at large. Reparations are paid to me through both cash and gift, and I share my reparations with other oppressed people. 


Formal Education and Training –

I have my master's degree in Women's & Gender Studies and African American & African Diaspora Studies. I have extensive training and education experience and enjoy hosting sex work and BDSM workshops at universities, nonprofits, and other institutions. I have also been interviewed by various news outlets and media resources. 

Come . . . Worship Me. Bow Down before Me, be immersed in My Presence and experience the Power of My Domination

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